Bean Dip  Delicious refried beans. 

Beef Nachos  Ground beef with cheddar cheese. 

Cheese Dip  Makes a great dip, not just for chips. 

Cheese Nachos  Chips with melted cheddar cheese. 

Chicken Nachos  Shredded chicken with cheddar cheese. 


Super Nachos.  

Nachos de Carne Asada
Crispy tortilla chips topped with melted cheese and carne asada. Served with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.  

Guacamole Dip  Fresh avocados, tomatoes and spices prepared as a dip.   

Quesadilla  Flour tortilla filled with cheese, topped with guacamole, onions, sour cream and tomatoes.  

Quesadilla Asada With Asada beef. 

Quesadilla Fajita  With mushrooms, chicken or shredded beef.  



Chips (Small)  (Large) 

Salsa(6oz) (12 oz) (32oz)

Pico de gallo (12 oz) 

Cheese Sauce (16oz) (32oz)